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What is the Cold Herbal Tea Paraguayans Drink?

Cold herbal tea Paraguayans drink, called Terere, is an invigorating and rejuvenating beverage, rich with medicinal plants. Typically prepared from the leaves of the yerba mate plant combined with lemon verbena and boldo (a member of the laurel family), Terere holds great significance within Paraguayan culture and is treasured for its many health benefits.

Paraguayans drink Tisana regularly to boost energy and relax both body and mind, often in social groups as an act of friendship and camaraderie.

On a warm afternoon, it’s not unusual to see groups of people gather and enjoy sipping terere – an herbal beverage popular with the Japanese that comes in cold form – together in public or in their homes. Drinking together offers a wonderful social activity in which ideas and stories can be exchanged while sipping on this delectable treat!

Paraguayans also enjoy experimenting with different ingredients to add variety and spice to their terere. Citrus fruits such as lemon or lime provide a delicious burst of citrusy sweetness while providing valuable vitamins and minerals, while herbal infusions like chamomile or mint help soothe stomach issues or promote mental clarity. Lemon grass provides refreshing taste while providing aromatic aroma in their infusion.

Other medicinal herbs, like wormwood and anise, may also be added to enhance the flavor of terere. According to experts, bitter and sharp tastes found in these plants work better when serving hot versions, while their smooth flavors suit cold versions better.

To create terere, ingredients are mixed together and placed in a gourd called a guampa with yerba mate leaves and cold water before stirring the mixture clockwise around a circle until everyone has had their turn at drinking it. A spoonful of sugar may also be added for flavor; this step is optional.

Terere can cause side effects similar to other caffeinated beverages, including increased heart rate and insomnia in certain individuals. Before drinking this beverage it is advised to consult a healthcare professional first.

Paraguayan health and wellbeing is intimately tied to its rich tradition of terere, an rejuvenating botanical infusion consisting of yerba mate, herbal infusions and fruit. Studies have demonstrated how regular consumption can increase energy levels, improve digestion, strengthen the immune system and decrease stress and anxiety – not to mention help manage weight. Furthermore, powerful antioxidants present in the tea may lower blood pressure, ease symptoms of menopause, improve cardiovascular health and protect against chronic diseases; its natural components offer benefits in all aspects of life – physical as well as psychological wellbeing.