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How to Play the Iowa Lottery Game Called Frogger

how to play the iowa lottery game called frogger

Iowa Lottery is well known for providing instant scratch games with diverse prizes. From jackpot-hitting scratchers to traditional lottery games with friends, there is sure to be something perfect waiting for you at their store!

Jonathan Labrador, 22, purchased a Frogger Level II scratcher ticket at a Davenport convenience store while out to dinner with his parents after graduating from St. Ambrose University on Friday and now has $50,000 saved up for student loan repayment.

How to Play Iowa Lottery Game “Frogger”

In Konami’s 1981 video game Frogger, licensed for distribution by Sega/Gremlin, one player controls five frogs as they attempt to reach their homes across a busy road and dangerous river. One person may use the machine’s four-direction joystick or two can alternate turns using this strategy; all five frogs being lost means game over. Each frog must find its empty home at the top of the screen while avoiding cars while crossing both roads while jumping over floating logs across rivers while collecting bonus items as they progress further through this challenging game.

Frogger was an immediate hit and remains one of the iconic titles from arcade gaming’s golden age, leading to multiple sequels (such as Parker Brothers’ version for Atari 2600 released in 1982) being produced and eventually being sold internationally – 20 million copies had already been sold worldwide by 2005!