How to Cheat Video Poker Machines

Video poker machines offer an enjoyable alternative to slot gambling and can be very profitable. Unfortunately, their design makes them vulnerable to cheating; therefore it is vitally important that users understand how they work in order to protect themselves against this form of cheating and mitigate its risks. With proper knowledge, skill, and luck combined you could see huge returns when playing video poker games!

When trying to win big at video poker machines, knowledge of all its components and interactions between them is key to winning big. Doing this will allow you to recognize patterns within the game that could give you an edge against other players. Before engaging in real money gaming, try practicing on fake money instead – this way you’ll familiarize yourself with strategy while testing your knowledge before investing real cash into winning real money!

At its heart, video poker machine cheating begins by manipulating its microprocessor. One way of doing this is splicing chips inside to alter its code and make more coins register or pay out jackpots than should. Unfortunately, this tactic is illegal and can have severe repercussions if caught; Louis “The Coin” Colavecchio used this tactic successfully until being caught and brought down in 1998.

Another method of cheating video poker machines is by employing magnets to manipulate chips and alter odds of winning. While this method can be dangerous if caught, some have successfully used this strategy such as Dennis Nikrasch who used this tactic on slot machines with microprocessors to trick their microprocessor and change odds of winning using magnetic tricks.

An additional strategy for cheating video poker machines involves employing Carmichael’s monkey wire device to trick its microprocessor. Commonly referred to as a slider or monkey’s paw, this contraption features a wire that can be inserted into payout chutes or coin slots of machines in order to release more coins or trigger jackpots.

Once upon a time, this was one of the primary methods used to cheat video poker machines; however, manufacturers have since made changes to their software to counter this form of cheating.

Alongside changes in software, other video poker cheating tactics have also been reduced or avoided through various measures, including reverse shuffling of cards and altering payouts for different hands. To protect yourself against scams like these, be mindful of their presence, avoid machines offering high amounts for Royal Flush combinations, and choose lower-denomination machines which offer greater chances of winning cash than their higher priced counterparts.